Family meal at CKS Memorial Hall

(THE CHINA POST 2010-5-16)


Hundreds of families sit around tables at the National Chiang Kai-shek(CKS)Memorial Hall , Taipei City, in this photo.

The National Alliance of Parents Organization (NAPO) held a huge activity yesterday to celebrate International Day of Families at the Hall, with 615 families in attendance.

About 2,500 participants shared a table with members of their family, painting on the tablecloth and writing down commitments for their family on the cloth. Vegetarian meals were also provided at each table.

Through such an event, the NAPO expected to promote the practice of dining with family members regularly, urging the governments to pay more attention to family education.

Admission to the event was NT$200 for a table seating four people. All funds will be use to help children and women in need.

來源: 中國郵報 2010-5-16